dashboard - in a nutshell

What is dashboard?

dashboard is a "simple crm" - more specifically a web based sales & lead management platform. There is no software to install, you can work from anywhere. dashboard helps you focus on closing the sale - turning any lead into a deal. We like to think of dashboard as "Sales efficiency - wrapped in a beautiful, usable interface". We want you to focus on the customer, so we make it easy to do just that.


Say "Hello" to your new best friend

dashboard contains easy-to-use tools to keep track of your potential customers. User friendly tools like automatic to-do creation, document management, agenda, notes and simple user management. On every page, there are tutorial videos to show you the way, in the case of that rare moment - when you find yourself lost.

stuff Increasing sales is easy - Set up your sales process, track your latest leads, organize your tasks, keep track with notes & watch new deals pile up. All in one spot.

Unleash productivity with guided tasks


Quick click buttons are easy to find for the tasks you need. Adding notes, making to-do's, attaching documents, and tacking on additional contacts is a breeze with the side bar.

One liner of stuff we help you with...

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Bring collaboration to a whole new level

Never has it been so easy to add, subtract or keep track of your sales teams than with dashboard. Feeds display what users are completing as they are doing them. In the future you will be able to see how long specific leads were worked on and how long it took to close them. Accountability and productivity is the name of the game.


Inviting team members to dashboard is simple and straightforward - all you need is a name and an email address. Your sales team will be notified in seconds & they will be managing leads with dashboard in minutes.

Visualize your leads like never before

Get a high level view of your lead pipeline - What was the last action performed on that lead? Where did this lead come from? Are there documents attached to it? How far along in the sales process is this huge client? Understand all of this at a glance.

stuff Simple design, inviting icons, document attachments, and lead sharing make it perfect for sales team collaboration.

Always have a snapshot of your schedule

Imagine your own personal secretary. Well dashboard can replace her - keep track of appointments, phone calls & all of your other to-do's with a simple calendar that let's you know what you have going on today, this week & this month. Try it, it's a click away.


Dashboard is highly configurable


Use dashboard to configure sales process, to-do lists, lead sources, lead template, and more to fit your specific business needs. Set it and forget it.


Ready to do this!?

You manage your life, we manage your leads. Sign up with no obligation and cancel at anytime. Changing to dashboard takes minutes, the savings will last a lifetime.


To get dashboard, click here to signup or call 1-800-458-7713.

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